When it comes to one-hit wonders, you really ought not to look past Purp and their one-off blend of grape soda goodness. As if all their time and energy has been expended to produce one certified all-time hit, the folks at UK-based Purp are happy to deliver to you clouds of mystical wonder with every draw.

UKUSA is more than happy to present to you the 100ml short fills of Purp's  Candy Sodas, a juice range that needs no introduction in certain vaping circles, though we'll provide one anyway.


It's a slow-building fizz that distinguishes these juices from others comparable in the market, with a tantalisingly smooth inhale and then a lingering fizzle of energy and flavour at the back of the throat in preparation for an exhale during which the fruity goodness lingers long on the tongue. Ideal for all-day vapers and those with a proclivity for fizz and fruit, you'll not be disappointed with the painstaking efforts of the Purp mixologists with this fine and full-bodied juice line.